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About Aerial Signs

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Blimps, Spheres, Large Balloons....Inflatables of all sizes and types

Aerials in all shapes and sizes are the largest group of MSI service products and can be used in a variety of ways. Large aerials can be flown 7/24, with periodic maintenance, weekends only or daily with support staff to take on the flight and retrieval process.

Smaller balloon displays can be used with WEDs (weekend directionals), attached to fences or other stationary objects, as special event arches or entrances; the uses are as varied as one’s imagination.

Choosing MSI allows you to schedule your service knowing that everything from initial balloon ordering, providing helium, filling, flying and retrieval can be handled by the MSI team.

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Choose the Right Products

Advantages Example of good Uses
High Visibility: Flying above the landscape makes an aerial very visible and easy for drivers to see. Drive Traffic: Attract attention and direct traffic to the location.
Directional: Guides and directs to a specific location. Restricted Areas: Use in residential or commercial areas including locations where directional signs or other directional advertising can’t be utilized.
Eye-Catching: Aerials catch the public’s attention from long distances. Budget Stretcher: Use as an effective way to drive traffic and increase branding at a low cost per unit price.
Cost Effective: Aerials are cost effective and easy to replace and modify. Integrated Marketing Strategy: Integrate aerials with other weekend directional products as traffic enhancements in the overall marketing strategy.
Riders: Messages can be attached to blimps, spheres and oversized balloons to punctuate your core message.
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Risks and Opportunities

Every product has its best uses as well as disadvantages. Our clients should be aware of potential downsides of the products and how MSI addresses those when applicable.

Potential Issues & Disadvantages   The MSI Approach
Fees and Fines: Some communities restrict the use of aerial and city ordinances make them are subject to fees and fines. arrow The MSI Approach: MSI educates the client of the risks and associated fines.  Clients are responsible for all fines incurred.
Weather conditions: During stormy or windy conditions aerials should be stored to prevent breakaways that could be lost or tangled in overhead lines. arrow The MSI Approach: When MSI placement services are utilized, trained professionals will handle the aerial retrieval and re-flight duties.
Vandalism: Aerials can be cut loose, or removed. arrow The MSI Approach: MSI carefully plans the routes and placements are made to maximize exposure.
Weekend Issues: Issues can arise during the weekend when many offices are closed. arrow The MSI Approach: The supervisor of the area checks in with the client every weekend in person or via phone. In addition, MSI operates weekend hotline phone number and email to address clients’ questions and issues.