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About Living Signs

Living Signs (also known as Human Directionals or Sign Holders) typically run on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) but can be operated any day of the week. Living Signs help generate more traffic which leads to more sales.

MSI’s Living Sign programs stand out above the rest due to our professionally trained staff and ‘get it done’ attitude.

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MSI carries $1,000,000 liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and conform to all state and federal employment laws.

Our Living Signs wear an MSI standard uniform or a specific uniform requested by the client.

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living sign for new homes


The Zany Arrow Person, or Z.A.P., is a great addition to any Traffic Generating-program.

Use Z.A.P.:

living sign for new homes
  • As the last turn
  • In the models complex
  • To direct customers to the sales office
  • For special events
  • . . .and so much more . . .

Rusty (a stylized character), and MSI Guy (a photovinyl model of a Living Sign) are made of coroplast. Both are mounted on a support pole with a powder coated steel freestanding base. The stand comes with several sandbags for stability, if needed. Orders take approximately two weeks for delivery.

Choose the program that's right for you:

living sign for new homes

Have MSI install Z.A.P. as a Pole sign sleeved in the ground and locked in place. Order weekend service from MSI if you wish to have Z.A.P. tucked away during the week just as a WED or Living Sign program at your community.

Order weekend service using Z.A.P.’s stand and sandbags so that locations can be varied to create visual interest.

Order the Z.A.P. product and choose to self install when and where ever you wish.

MSI suggests Z.A.P. placement within sight of your model complex. Z.A.P. is very eye catching and could potentially walk away when in a more secluded location.

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Choose the Right Products

Advantages Example of good Uses
Eye-Catching: Living Signs catch the attention of passersby. Drive Traffic: Attract attention and direct traffic to the location.
Directional: Points people in the desired direction. Restricted Areas: Use in residential or commercial areas including locations where directional signs or other directional advertising can’t be utilized.
Interactive: Live action. Special Events, Grand Openings & Phase Releases: Attract attention and direct traffic.
Accessible: Living Signs can be utilized in restricted areas. Integrated Marketing Strategy: Utilize as part of the overall marketing strategy.
Professional: MSI Living Signs are professionally trained, well paid and insured. living sign, new homes
Image Management: MSI’s Living Signs portray the image desired by the client. Personnel are required to have a neat and tidy appearance.
Uniform Flexibility: MSI standard uniforms, client specified attire or costumes are all options.
Supervised and Accountable: Living Signs check-in with onsite staff, have scheduled breaks and are evaluated throughout the day by MSI supervisors.
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Risks and Opportunities

Every product has its best uses as well as disadvantages. Our clients should be aware of potential downsides of the products and how MSI addresses those when applicable.

Potential Issues & Disadvantages   The MSI Approach
Human: Human Directionals are just that—human. They can be late, not show, have issues or attitudes, etc. arrow The MSI Approach: Always have a back-up plan—staff are paid just for waiting on-call and can be on the job quickly.
Image: The dress, appearance, adornments, etc. of an individual may not be the image a client would like to portray. arrow The MSI Approach: The uniform standards help eliminate many of these issues. A clean, professional look is required of all Living Signs.
Liability: The use of a Living Sign runs the risk of injury to the employee or citizens. arrow The MSI Approach: A $1million liability policy is carried on each job.
Falling Asleep On the Job: In some cases, Living Signs literally fall asleep on the job. In others, they are talking on the phone, sitting, acting unprofessionally or displaying other undesirable behavior. arrow The MSI Approach: Area Supervisors keep a watchful eye to make sure all employees are being productive and professional. Clients can also utilize the hotline to alert MSI of issues.
Cost: Living Signs cost more to operate than some alternatives. arrow The MSI Approach: Deliver a quality product with well paid Living Signs, supervision, insurance, back-up plans, weekend hotline services and uniforms to ensure the client is getting the best possible product and results.
Weekend Issues: Issues can arise during the weekend when many offices are closed. The MSI Approach: The supervisor of the area checks in with the client every weekend in person or via phone. In addition, MSI operates weekend hotline phone number and email to address clients’ questions and issues.