Municiipal Builder Wayfinding Kiosk Programs

Municipal Builder Wayfinding Kiosk Programs

  • Project Name: Buckeye, AZ Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Buckeye, AZ
  • Owner/Client: City of Buckeye
  • Project Name: Florence, AZ Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Florence, AZ
  • Owner/Client: City of Florence
  • Project Name: Mesquite, AZ Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Mesquite, AZ
  • Owner/Client: City of Mesquite
  • Project Name: Pinal County, AZ Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Pinal County, AZ
  • Project Name: Carlsbad, CA Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Carlsbad, CA
  • Owner/Client: City of Carlsbad
  • Project Name: Chula Vista, CA Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Chula Vista, CA
  • Owner/Client: City of Chula Vista
  • Project Name: Oceanside, CA Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Type: Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Oceanside, CA
  • Project Name: City of Goodyear, AZ Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Type: Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: City of Goodyear, AZ
  • Project Name: San Marcos, CA Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: San Marcos, CA
  • Owner/Client: City of San Marcos
  • Project Name: Santee, CA Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Santee, CA
  • Owner/Client: City of Santee
  • Project Name: City of Henderson
  • Location: Henderson, NV
  • Owner/Client: City of Henderson
  • Project Name: Round Rock, TX Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Round Rock, TX
  • Owner/Client: City of Round Rock
  • Project Name: Cedar Park, TX Municipal Kiosk Program
  • Location: Cedar Park, TX
  • Owner/Client: City of Cedar Park
City Wayfinding Experience

City Wayfinding Experience

Motivational Systems Inc. is an exceptionally experienced provider of Municipal Kiosk Sign Programs in the Western United States. Drawing on 36 years of experience with dedicated personnel and a commitment to excellence, MSI is a successful sign provider partner with numerous cities. Having local presence in the markets where we provide kiosk programs allows us to provide excellent customer service in a timely manner.

The following pages provide information on kiosk programs in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas showing our experience in construction, placement and maintenance of this type of signing; sign design and development; marketing selling and advertising space.

As municipal kiosk programs are one of MSI’s core products, we are very experienced and effective in our marketing campaigns and our collections practices. Our proprietary software called PROIV allows tracking of projects from inception through billing and collections. Handling thousands of panels each month – our central accounting team in coordination with local personnel is an efficient and productive department from processing invoices through payments to our partners.

Municipal Kiosk Program - Sample Initial Plotting Map

Sample Initial Plotting Map - Cedar Park, Texas

Coordination with City staff on the design, development, production, location selection, installation, maintenance, enforcement, leasing, accounting and general administration of municipal kiosk program.

Municipal Builder Wayfinding - Sample Sign Design Process

Sample Sign Design Process

Initial Sign Design Concepts

Wayfinding Sign Design Sample 1 kiosk Wayfinding Sign Design Sample 2 dimensions

Final Sign Design

Wayfinding Signage Design Sample 3 Wayfinding Signage Design Sample 4
Sample Sign Schedule for a City Wayfinding System

Sample Sign Schedule - City of Cedar Park

Below is an example of a sign schedule. The sign schedule is the matrix for your program showing all structure locations as well as panel information including the text and any directional information.

Sample Municipal Sign Location Map

Sample Sign Location Map

Sign maps are developed in conjunction with the sign schedule showing the location of all structures. Each location will correlate with a structure listed on the sign schedule providing an easy reference for what a particular sign at a particular location includes.

Sample Sign Location Map for a Municipal Wayfinding Program

Sample Sign Location Map